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SiteSage Sales & Installation

Green South Energy offers sales & installation of Powerhouse Dynamics' SiteSageMeasurement is the first step towards improvement, and nowhere is this more true than when it comes to energy consumption in a building. Thankfully, today's energy monitors are more sophisticated than ever, and offer an unprecedented level of detail about your residential or commercial building's energy use.

Green South Energy is thus pleased to offer our customers SiteSage from Powerhouse Dynamics, the most advanced energy monitoring system for residential and commercial buildings on the market. SiteSage is a circuit-by-circuit electricity monitor that tracks usage over time, details where and how energy is being used in your building, and includes a sleek online interface that visualizes your home or commercial building's energy consumption in a number of useful ways. 

emonitor energy monitor pie chart

SiteSage comes in a variety of models designed to fit the needs of a wide range of customers, from small single-family homes to larger, multi-locale commercial buildings.

Going above and beyond the "whole house" energy monitor that's become increasingly available in box stores across the country, SiteSage provides an unmatched level of detail. It not only tracks energy usage by room, but allows you to monitor standby power usage ("vampire power"), and provides a number of other unique and useful features. It analyzes many different inputs to produce reports that will help you see where your energy is being used. 

Formally known as the eMonitor, SiteSage offers a host of new features that will help you keep track of your energy use, so you can start making the steps to reducing and saving. SiteSage now has the ability to control any equipment, not just HVAC. Yes, that even means lights! It can control both single-phase equipment and 3-phase equipment. Multiple schedules of a variety of types for each piece of equipment can now be set as well, opening up flexibility in control and functionality. The new features are great for companies with multiple locations, you can benchmark energy usage and equipment performance across different facilities, making it easier than ever before to see where your business could be saving money and energy.

Why Monitor Your Electricity?

Energy monitoring has been shown to reduce energy consumption in a large number of applications, particularly when it comes to home energy consumption. Once you're aware of how your home or building is using energy, it becomes infinitely easier to address energy waste. You may notice, for example, that you've left a closet light on in the basement, the overhead lights are being left on at your business, or that your home entertainment system is using a huge amount of "vampire power" each month. Armed with this information, it's easier to tackle energy waste, and you can see immediate results once areas of concern have been addressed.

Builders, Remodelers & Architects

Incorporating sophisticated energy monitoring into your buildings is a powerful way to distinguish your services from the competition. Energy monitoring is a key component of a "high performance" home, improving energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental friendliness, and offering an easy way to for building occupants to reduce energy consumption and energy costs.

Why Choose Green South Energy for Energy Monitoring?

Green South Energy is one of the leading energy efficiency experts in northeastern Georgia and South Carolina. If you choose Green South Energy to install your SiteSage, you can rest easy knowing that your energy monitoring system will work reliably: we'll take care of installation, and we're available after installation to ensure that your system works properly.

If you're interested in learning more about the Powerhouse Dynamics SiteSage, or would like to schedule a no-obligation consultation to see how it can work for your home or building, feel free to contact us today!